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Send A Free SMS ( is designed to help you to send free sms messages online so that you can contact your friends and family, even when you haven’t got mobile phone access. Try it today and send a free text.

There are no doubt hundreds of times where you’ve been caught in an awkward situation which could have all been avoided if you’d just had the ability to send a quick message to somebody.

How many times have you been on your way to meet somebody and you’re running late but have no way of letting them know? Now with send a free SMS ( you can send them a quick text message any time you need to let them know you’re behind schedule and when you’ll be arriving.

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    Our sms service allows you to send free sms online and pay to receive messages. The person for whom the message is intended will be sent a text alerting them to your pending SMS and inviting them to receive the message using the instructions provided.


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